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Dear Theo

I would like to thank you Theo as well as the service a Personalised professional matchmaking service, as it offered a safe, fun, honest and healthy way in which to have embarked upon a meaningful, intimate journey of mutual and self-discovery. We feel deeply blessed that you Theo since joining the service in 2008 brought us together in the eventual sanctity of marriage. We have now been married for a year and have a beautiful daughter. We are forever indebted to you Theo as well as the service provided, The Only Social Club.

We wholeheartedly endorse the Personalised professional matchmaking service offered by The Only Social Club – and for those who are emotionally self – aware and are wanting an exclusive and discreet service and are willing to work hard on binding the intimate foundation that are a necessity for an enriching relationship then make contact with The Only Social Club Thank you once again, from Charlie and Leigh


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Honesty regarding dating

We all have a past and some-where along the way if you have not been totally open and honest with the new found one, your past may just catch up with you. In order to be dating or in a relationship with someone be clear of who you are. I am not saying spill all and then the person runs for the hills.

If you are keen on that special one and are open and honest of who you are, especially your past the person will respect you if you lay the cards on the table. If certain areas do not resonate with there value system then at least you have given them the choice and you know earlier in the dating scene if the two of you are meant to be dating. Depending on the situation the person  you are dating will respect your honesty.

By being honest it will definitely help with your confidence level. Take a risk and if you rejected you will survive.

Dating is daunting for most and if you not one that wishes to be in bars and clubs and is looking for a discreet professional service that will help you, make contact with The Only Social Club an exclusive matchmaking service for dating, a personalised professional matchmaking service that will help you make the right decisions as well as you taking responsibility for the choices you make. All members are screened.



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Research from Gabriel. So you have found a person who you think is your One, and now you’re dating. But it’s not going at the pace you want it to. What do you do? The answer involves trust. Your pace of devolving the relationship may not be the same as your partner’s. Part of real love is honouring the other person’s process. As long as a relationship remains dynamic, you can trust that it will continue to progress.

Are your insecurities coming up? Soothe them with the knowledge of just how powerful attachment is. If the two of you are getting closer and closer, rest assured that it will take a lot more than you realise to drag you apart.

While you may feel vulnerable as you open your heart, you can calm yourself and have faith that the Universe won’t meet you only half way, or three quarters of the way, but will meet you all the way. This is the truth.

Love will lead the way. People who arte continents away from each other somehow come together. If you can stay focused with the love and continued connection trust that everything will work out!

Are you still doing the same things and getting the same results? Are you still Single? The Only Social Club is a personal matchmaking service catering to the single’s professional market. If you are tired of not meeting that right person and want to add value to your life as well as grow old with someone that is suitable then we are ready for you as long as you are ready to embark on this journey. My members are professional, committed and want to be in a long term relationship. Make that contact

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