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Welcome to our exclusive matchmaking service in South Africa, operating in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria, where love meets unparalleled refinement for exceptional single professionals and successful people come to find there perfect match. With a professional matchmaker and meticulous approach and a deep understanding of our clients’ desires, we create extraordinary connections that transcend the ordinary. The Only Social Club is the premiere matchmaking and dating service.

Why Choose Us?

  • It is discreet. It is one on one. Face to face. It is real. Personalised Service
  • Integrity and Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Professional matchmaking
  • Elite matchmaking service
  • Quality matches
  • Corporate dating Cape Town
  • Executive dating Johannesburg
  • Exclusive dating Durban
  • Singles, Corporate, professionals, entrepreneurs, celebrities
  • Specialised in South Africa, a corporate matchmaking service
  • Dating in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban
  • Well established – leading authority since 2005
  • With a history of success
  • Professional, discreet, dating and matchmaking service
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Our Matchmaking Service in South Africa


Matchmaking Service South Africa


Our sophisticated matchmaking service in South Africa offers unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of the South African single dating scene. We curate bespoke experiences, introducing you to a select community of exceptional individuals who are equally committed to finding lasting, meaningful relationships. Discover the epitome of our personalized discreet matchmaking service in South Africa, where your journey towards love is guided with the utmost care, discretion, and unwavering dedication. Elevate your search for love with our exclusive matchmaking service and unlock a world of extraordinary possibilities.

Whether you are in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban, our South Africa matchmaking service is dedicated to helping you find your perfect match.

Our Matchmaking Mission

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matchmaking service south africa

At The Only Social Club, our mission is to revolutionize the way elite single people find love and create meaningful quality connections in South Africa. We understand the significance of companionship and the profound impact it has on our lives. Our dedicated team is driven by a shared passion for bringing happiness and fulfilment to the lives of our clients.


  1. Connections: We believe in the power of soulful connections. Our mission is to connect like-minded high-end individuals who share similar values, interests, and life goals. By carefully assessing each client’s unique qualities and desires, we strive to foster deep and meaningful connections that go beyond surface-level attractions.


  1. Embracing Diversity: South Africa is a diverse nation with a rich cultural heritage. We embrace and celebrate this diversity, and our mission is to connect professional individuals from different backgrounds and communities with our upscale matchmaking service in South Africa. We believe that love knows no boundaries and can transcend societal barriers.


  1. Nurturing Lasting Relationships: Our goal extends beyond mere introductions. We are committed to nurturing lasting selective relationships that stand the test of time. By providing support and guidance, we empower our executive clients to build strong foundations and create fulfilling partnerships.


  1. Respecting Privacy and Confidentiality: We understand the sensitive nature of matchmaking and the importance of privacy. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment where clients can explore their romantic aspirations with confidence. We uphold strict confidentiality throughout the entire discreet matchmaking process. Our discretion and Integrity are guaranteed.


  1. Enriching Lives: Love has the power to enrich our lives in countless ways. Our mission is to create opportunities for personal growth, happiness, and lifelong memories. We believe that by connecting souls and fostering love, we contribute to a more joyful and harmonious society.


Join us at The Only Social Club and let us embark on this meaningful journey together. Our mission is to guide you towards finding that special someone who will bring light and love into your life. Experience the transformative power of our matchmaking service in South Africa as we work tirelessly to create lasting connections.


South African Dating

“The Only Social Club” Corporate Dating | South African Dating Site | Dating Service is an exclusive dating agency in Cape Town, Johannesburg & Durban. The service is well established in 2005, operating for 18 years, the leading authority with a history of success, a personalised professional premiere matchmaking service, for busy single successful and wealthy professionals. Personal service, one on one meetings, for elite single introductions are facilitated for singles dating in Johannesburg, dating in Cape Town and dating in Durban. The service is discreet, with no online profile for everyone to see. So if you are looking for that long-term partner, and want to be in a relationship, why wait? South African dating and matchmaking agency a singles introduction service, catering to corporate singles, educated professional singles, medical professionals and executive professionals. We are not online personals, online dating services or internet services. We are a professional corporate matchmaking service offering personal elite singles introductions. Your personal matchmaker, a selective, discreet and exclusive matchmaking agency. The Only Social Club is a respectable and reputable service, for other Johannesburg business professionals, Cape Town business professionals and Durban business professional singles. 

  • Are you single?
  • Is your divorce finalised if applicable?
  • Is your focus on a quality match/relationship over quantity, aware it may take more time invested than you currently have experienced.
  • Are you working towards the best version of who you are in order to have the partner you desire?
  • Is your end goal to be in a committed relationship?
  • If you answered yes to all of the above then The Only Social Club can be of quality and exclusive service to you
Our commitment to you

We treat our clients in a professional manner; we do not hide behind a website profile or platform.

The Only Social Club is a professional matchmaking service. We are committed to working with our clients and to understand their needs. The Only Social Club has your best intentions and is providing an opportunity to assist our clients wherever and whenever possible. You our client is unique and special. We as a service recognise that we all have different values and needs and to help you get to your goal with the type of relationship you are looking for.

The Only Social Club is committed to our clients:

  • We uphold and guarantee the Integrity and Confidentiality of our client
  • We interview our clients face-to-face in a truly personalised professional manner
  • We guide you with The Only Social Club matchmaking process
  • We work closely with you and in our initial meeting we will focus on your relationship goals
  • We focus on quality matches and not quantity
  • We communicate with you openly and honestly
  • We provide a quality match/introduction that matches your details. Although looks are always primary, we look at all details, e.g. age, religion, height, weight, smoking, non-smoking, children, cultures, qualifications, radius, etc. etc. when selecting a match for you. (These are your requirements)
  • We work closely with you as our client. The Only Social Club DOES not take everyone as your needs may be different.
  • We will respond to emails professionally with any feedback given
  • We will be sympathetic, empathetic and caring in a professional manner.

We value you as our client and we will uphold the Integrity and Confidentiality of The Only Social Club. We are here to provide a professional service both personally and professionally.

In 97 % of the cases we guarantee in the 12 months membership that you will go out on a date/s that qualifies and matches your needs

Your Path to a Successful Relationship
  • Treat others with respect and generosity
  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take anything too personally
  • Don’t make assumptions, ASK US
  • Always do your best
  • Listen to one another

Integrity: All meetings and information exchanges must be done with confidentiality and respect.

Respect: You may like someone – please still respect their space, and their individuality – Do not go overboard, or, if you may not like someone – be courteous and kind – and honest. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Supportive: Remember that the other person has dreams, desires, and fantasies, and hence it is all about both of you – not just your needs. The first step towards a good relationship is understanding, and supporting, each other’s needs.

Discretion: If you hit a sour note still stay sweet! If you are judgmental, you will be judged.

Honesty: Do not make dates or promises if you do not intend to keep them. Do not be late! Do not lie! Be honest. “I would like to remain a friend – and we can do stuff together – but I need to pursue my dream a bit more”. (You know why you are both there –there’s nothing wrong in moving on honestly.)

Charm: As opposed to boring – ask questions – give and take.

Everybody enjoys the company of pleasant, positive and interesting people. Please do not take advantage of the “listener” – they are not counsellors. If you need to offload “baggage” rather allow one of our service providers to assist you. We can help you with recommendations to unblock your channels – just discuss it with us for the best option.

If you are in need of a good relationship coach ask as The Only Social Club works with reputable professionals and will advise.

Theo, the CEO of The Only Social Club has come to work with and rely on the benefits of a Life Coach. We believe continuous mentoring to help one grow as an individual is of importance and an ongoing process. It does help us help you wherever possible if need be.