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We have all been there. The Corporate Dating Founder Story Cape Town | Johannesburg mentions that all your life you wonder if you will find the perfect partner. Do they exist? The agency for single executives.

Corporate Dating Founder Story Cape Town | Johannesburg

The service has been in operation since June 2005. Prior to this business I had another successful business “My Beautiful Launderette”, I had the business for 7 years which I had made a HUGE success of. Prior to that  I worked for corporate companies, as well as living abroad for a while and prior to that worked for the government for 10 years as well as going to the Navy. My background is in the financial field. I sold “My Beautiful Launderette” in June 2005 and then started The Only Social Club.

The reason I started the exclusive matchmaking service as there were so many different dating facilities and I had tried some of them. I tried online dating and it did not work for me. I have been told I am good looking, I am a professional, I take care of myself, I am successful, intelligent, outdoors, and dress well. I felt the people that I was in contact with through online dating some of whom I HAD MET, just left me feeling disappointed!! The reason for my disappointment was that I found it to be a cattle market and that there was a lack of integrity from some of the participants. They were not adding value to the process!

I felt that when doing research that there was definitely a big need for something very different with regards to the dating and matchmaking industry. I realised a personal professional matchmaking service would be a huge plus. The Only Social Club is no cattle market! The Only Social Club is not a names and numbers game. The Only Social Club is a service dealing in the right Relationship. All members are personally screened. I am aware that we all have choices and we need to take responsibility for those choices!

The Only Social Club is an exclusive matchmaking service catering to the single executives and singles professional market, well established and the leading authority with a history of success. .


We all lead busy lives and we all want to meet that perfect partner and we all want to be loved and be in a successful relationship. Our members professionally have everything going for them, and are still searching for that special relationship. They do not want to be in bars or clubs, but turn to a professional industry to look after there best interests. The exclusive agency is for people who don’t have trouble meeting people – they simply want a more productive, results oriented approach to finding their right mate. If your objective is to find someone to fall in love with and spend the rest of your life with, then why wouldn’t you go about it in the most strategic, focused way available to you? You invest wisely in other aspects of your life, in your profession, finances and even your spiritual guidance – why stop short in your personal life?

The Only Social Club is just like any other professional services – it frees up your time, makes the right decisions for you, and is an investment in a better, more fulfilling future. The exclusive service is a journey, a process and not to do with instant gratification.

As a result we produce highly successful relationships. The Only Social Club is grateful that we have facilitated an introduction that ends in a serious relationship. Success is not measured by the volume of dates, but achieving your end goal.

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