Executive Dating and Professional Dating

Looking for Your Soul Mate/Life Partner?

OUR OBJECTIVE IS: Is to assist and help facilitate a long-lasting relationship in a professional manner and in a secure environment, through our Executive Dating and Professional Dating a matchmaking service

The matchmaking provides the opportunity for you to meet like-minded people in a comfortable pressure-free environment. All professional executives are welcome. We all deserve companionship and love – to rekindle that old fire!

There are many dating services and matchmakers advertising on the Internet that promise you the world. They can prove to be a very traumatic and negative experience as you seldom get what you were hoping for. You could also end up quite discouraged after many “cold” encounters that can leave you feeling quite desolate.

The process on the other hand offers a personalised service and we look after you and your best interests.

It is a fact that it takes more than shared interests and hobbies to attract people. It is a fantasy based on superficial ideas that drive people to make the wrong choices, especially when they are aware of the need for an enduring, mutually satisfying, fun-filled and happy relationship!


The fact that you are reading this probably proves that you now know that hanging out in pubs, gyms, sports clubs, church events, blind dates etc., can sometimes be fruitless and exhausting. You may end up with fabulous abs and social friends, but these environments are not conducive to getting to know someone special. All those doubts! All that fear! Keeping up appearances!

Our corporate dating service will not deliver your perfect partner to your front door on a plate! Our matchmaker will facilitate and introduce you to likely matches – you need to invest effort and time in your dates because the final decision is yours. You have to work at it!

It is an absolute fact that chemistry happens in 90 seconds flat – you are either intrigued enough to interact, or not – as all your radar and instincts compute the attributes of that person. The human being is a complex system of chemistry, imprinting, memory, background and upbringing – emotion plays a huge role in personal choices. These emotions make you unique.

What our agency can do is ensure that the most likely candidates are screened through interviews and are qualified as far as caliber, social standing, integrity and similar attractions are required. It is up to you to take the time to develop the bond between yourself and your chosen one.

It could be that first date or you could end up networking for months before you find your soul-mate-life partner. If you believe in yourself you will invest in your future as happiness is the best asset anyone can own. (Make that effort).

Our exclusive dating service has a small group of professionals that we can refer you to if you require those services. They include psychologists, anti-ageing specialists, sex therapists, make-over artists, health and lifestyle experts, wardrobe councillors and many others that can assist with personal re-invention or simple advice (even a little nip ‘n tuck!).

When it comes to old-fashioned romance, The Only Social Club can advise and can suggest the best – special flower and gift deliveries, candlelit dinners, romantic weekends away, and holidays – and hopefully plan the engagement party and wedding!

Our “Mission” is to assist business professionals that work too hard and have no time to socialise outside of their professional life, or have suddenly found themselves out of the mainstream or out of touch with one-on-one networking – and that old magic that makes it all worthwhile.

You may even be a newcomer to our area and need to be fast-tracked into the social life of your choice – it may be a four-ball, business, hobbies and interests, or any particular need you may have.

The Next Step

Contact us. You will be impressed with our elite matchmaking process. The Only Social Club agency will discuss what your needs are, and explain how our discreet networking and dating service, through our elite service, will work for you. There are guidelines and tips to help you on your way in preparation for your first date. Please note that we have members that are wanting to meet each other through our service. This allows you access to the database to meet our qualified members who match your details and are not currently dating or in a successful relationship.  We look forward to our coffee date when all the finer details will be explained before you make your decision.

Believe in yourself, everyone is special and unique and we all have something special to offer that someone else!!

So why wait? Come and have a coffee date where all the relevant information and the following steps will be explained to you in greater detail.

We are not affiliated with any other dating agency. The matchmaking service has been in operation since 2005.

Falling in love may be one of the greatest feelings ever. Social distancing and in quarantine do not mean disconnecting from one another.

Your matchmaker here to assist you. Get in touch with us today to find your perfect match