Professional Matchmaking Agency

The Professional Matchmaking Agency facilitates matches to executive professionals and a matchmaker assists with the matchmaking that is done in a personalised manner. LOOKING FOR YOUR SOULMATE/LIFE PARTNER. The nature of the service is Integrity and Confidentiality guaranteed.

The aim and mission is to have members in a successful relationship. The exclusive service has many members dating successfully and feels privileged that they have facilitated the introduction.

If you continue doing the same things you will get the same results. Your future life plan is taken seriously.

Discretion: We place a premium on our client and guarantee personal information will never be given out without the permission of the individual.

Research and Search: We look at values, background, integrity, hidden agendas, needs and desires – key aspects for an individual. This allows us to evaluate the potential for chemistry based on what our clients have told us. All appropriate prospects are interviewed. This assures our clients of no surprises.

The exclusive dating service is selective. Our clients are seeking a committed relationship. They are professional singles that wished to be introduced to other single professionals. They are interested in the matchmaking not fast food dating just to date. It is our role to guide them and handpick the individual who will make the most appropriate match. They are individuals with substance and style.  They, like our Clients are not interested in dating just to date. They are selective, which is why they trust and enlist our service. They are looking for a committed relationship and a future with someone special. The matchmaker specifically works one-on-one with each client priding on individual levels of attention, a focus on customer service, a premium on privacy, knowing clients preferences.

Why: It brings together individuals by building close relationships with our clients, getting to know every individual on a personal level, screening and qualifying each client. This provides a depth of knowledge you would not otherwise get in a casual acquaintance. The elite service has arranged many successful relationships.

Professional Matchmaking Agency

The service does emphasize it is not the volume of dates The Only Social Club finds for you, rather it is our unique ability to help our clients find the right match, the right relationship-that defines our success.

Our clients know what they want and look to The Only Social Club to provide a high level focused approach, the expertise to identify their ideal mates.

How is it different: Some people refer to it as seeing “the big picture.” Others talk of our ability and to identify opportunity’s, to discover “new directions.” It all comes down to vision and specific, practical plans to bring your vision of a romantic relationship into a successful reality. The Only Social Club helps and assists hard-working professionals achieve personal relationship success through our elite matchmaking process.

The method is not a names and numbers game. You meet people you are uniquely qualified for. Members qualifying and join are singles, corporate’s, professionals, entrepreneurs, celebrities.  Feedback from each and every date is important as we then know who is dating successfully.

If you continue doing the same things you will get the same results. In order to achieve your end goal you need to start looking through a different set of lenses for your perfect partner and the type of successful professional relationship you want.

Membership the small investment is discussed at our one on one meeting. You invest wisely in other aspects of your life, in your profession, finances and even your spiritual guidance – why stop short in your personal life?

  • your small investment will secure your membership with The Only Social Club
  • membership allows you on the database for a 12 (twelve) month period
  • to remain on the database after 12 months a minimal club fee is paid per Annum
  • all other details are discussed at the one on one meeting