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Vanessa Haywood (Celebrity, Actress, Model)

I assisted in helping with getting the Johannesburg agency up and running. I decided to go into business and assist with The Only Social Cub as I liked the concept and the Successes Testimonials. I had become all too aware of how difficult it was to meet new people and find a life partner in Johannesburg or anywhere, especially with the lifestyles that we lead here! I had realised that there was a big need for this type of professional service, offering a confidential matchmaking facility with Integrity where each member is screened before joining. There are so many different dating services and matchmaking services in South Africa but none quite like this one! There is a big need for a professional matchmaker in Johannesburg – and I wanted to be it! The Only Social Club is not a names and numbers service but has to do with quality relationships and not quantity.

I have since moved on due to my hectic schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone, contact info@theonlysocialclub.co.za. I believe in the core values and the need for professional assistance in finding the perfect partner in the concrete jungle in Johannesburg..

Take care xx

The professional matchmaking service has successfully matched many members who are now dating successfully, and are in a happy long term relationship as well as many that have resulted in marriage. Corporate Dating Service | Personalised Matchmaking and the below Successes Testimonials is some of the feedback from members of success stories (names are withheld due to confidentiality)

We want to say thank you for doing your job so incredibly well. We tell everyone who asks about you, and how we met through a professional matchmaking service. We really can’t imagine having met each other in any other way, as we were both not into online dating, and working in totally different industries. The care you took with our match is evident in the success of our relationship, as we share the same value system, and want the same things from life and a partner.

“The service takes much of the undue stress out of dating, as you know that there’s somebody who has your back, a professional who knows you and what you’re looking for. I would highly recommend the service and advocate this more personal touch over other online options, especially for those who know themselves and are ready for real lasting love. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have found our respective soulmate.”

I would like to thank your professional service The Only Social Club, as it offered a safe, fun, honest and healthy way in which to have embarked upon a meaningful, intimate journey of mutual and self-discovery. We feel deeply blessed that you Theo since joining the service, brought us together in the eventual sanctity of marriage. We have now been married for a year and have a beautiful daughter. We are forever indebted to you Theo as well as the service provided, The Only Social Club.

We wholeheartedly endorse the corporate dating a personalised professional matchmaking service The Only Social Club – for those who are emotionally self – aware and are willing to work hard on binding the intimate foundation that are a necessity for an enriching relationship.

I am grateful and blessed to have witnessed one of my successfully matched couples walk down the aisle

Hi Theo, May this be a fantastic year for you and may all your wishes and dreams come true. Thank you for the introduction to A……..We are still dating and enjoying each other’s company. “We would both like to thank you for your professionalism and effort that you put into matching us. It has been an interesting journey. One never knows what is possible, until one is open to new opportunities and gives another person a chance. You were right; patience is the name of the game. “We are happy for you to put the above sentence on your website anonymously, in order to give recognition to you for a job well done. Thanks Theo once again, and we hope to see you around. Regards

Indian lady (Accountant), 45 years old,

Hi Theo. A quick mail to let you know that it took one introduction to meet ….and The Only Social Club listened to my needs and found what I was looking for. I am in love again. Thank you…

Muslim gent (Mechanical Engineer), 38 years old,

Dear Theo, thank you. The Only Social Club truly cares about the needs and success of their clients. Thanks for not rushing the process. As you said it is quality over quantity of finding the right person. Thanks, I am happy and in a wonderful relationship.

White female (Web Developer), 29 years old.

Theo, I am truly grateful that The Only Social Club is caring and dedicated to the process. Thanks…I will keep you posted

White female (Retired) 65 years old.

Dear Theo. I would like to say thanks and to give you some feedback. I did not have a problem meeting people. As I mentioned to you I found out that a friend of mine became a member of The Only Social Club, was introduced to a gentleman and has been in a relationship for two and half years. Her experience had been wonderful and positive. I have no problem meeting quality men; I had just not found the one. I took a chance and joined The Only Social Club and after several introductions I found a man that I can truly connect with. Six months later we are in a perfect wonderful relationship.

White Gent (Writer) 41 years old.

Hi Theo, Just a quick note to let you know I have seen ….. a couple of times and am enjoying it thoroughly. After a couple of false starts, you came up with someone who is lovely and has uncanny similarities – even with an unusual character like me. Thanks for the intro and I’ll be in touch. All the best,

White Gent (Self Employed) 61 years old.

Hi, Theo A couple of months ago you gave me an intro to ………, then a couple of weeks back you called me with another intro to …… At that time I told you that I wasn’t sure why since I was still seeing …… that we had formed a good friendship, were socialising, partying, riding, etc. together regularly, and really enjoying each other’s company – but probably no more would come of it . . . although I hadn’t yet given up hope! (During this period, incidentally, I have had full knee replacement surgery, had her visit me in hospital, and have since fully regained virtually 100% strength & activity in record time!) Meanwhile I openly told …… I was “dating” elsewhere – albeit reluctantly since she had “rejected” me – and this clearly caused her to re-think the whole situation! She came to realise that I had become important to her, and that her feelings for me had developed far beyond mere friendship. In short, she found that she didn’t want to lose me. . And I was only too delighted to hear it! Bottom line is that we are now very much “in love”, and planning a future together . . . It is very early days to believe nothing can go wrong – but we are both excited about this opportunity for new beginnings, and determined not to let it pass us by if we can help it! So thank you, Theo, for making this all possible . . . I hope it gives you some professional satisfaction! If you’d like me to keep you updated I shall gladly do so. Keep up the good work – kind regards,.…..

White Female (Self Employed Pharmacist) 39 years old.

Before I discovered The Only Social Club I was feeling extremely frustrated with dating. Trying to meet someone who was right for me by relying on a chance of meeting someone is almost impossible. I tried Internet dating but found that it just didn’t work for me. Lots of married men as well as men taking chances. After searching the internet for inspiration one day I came across some websites for corporate matchmaking introduction agencies, I then came across The Only Social Club. I researched a couple of others too but I found this service to be more what I was looking for. The other services seemed more a names and numbers game and I wanted a more professional approach. I later discovered that The Only Social Club offered much better value for money! I wanted to find out more and met with Theo whom was warm and friendly and understood exactly what I wanted, I joined immediately. I liked the idea that this service makes me feel like a friend and it is a personalised service rather than having to trawl through countless profiles online. Well as they say the proof is in the pudding and I haven’t been with The Only Social Club very long. My first match is with a great guy and it has proved to me that Theo knew exactly what i wanted from a perfect partner and what I was looking for in a professional man. I am aware I did enrol at the right time, I am grateful to the agency for the perfect introduction. I am also much more relaxed about everything because I know that if it doesn’t work out I still have this fantastic service at my disposal.

White gent (Jewish) 33 years old.

Just wanted to say thank you Theo for the experience of being a member and part of The Only Social Club – it was very interesting and I met some lovely ladies and now I am involved with a stunning lady via your club. Thanks, you may take me off the database.

White lady 45 years old (Dietitian).

Thanks Theo. I am pleased to say that The Only Social Club makes you feel special. Theo you are always available on email or on mobile lining me up with the next available date, as well as emailing me about feedback and how I got on with my last guy, thanks Theo. Theo thanks that you are super friendly and you seem to really care and you make good matches which is really what counts

White lady 68 years old (Educator).

Dear Theo. I would recommend The Only Social Club over and above any other dating service…..I had been online dating for a while and was getting bored. I also tried other corporate dating agencies and got fed up! I decided to join The Only Social Club and signed up. Within 2 months I met my boyfriend, whom I adore and I am happily involved.

African female 37 years old (Self employed).

Hi Theo. A great service – as you really understood what I was looking for in a man and didn’t accuse me of being too fussy (which I thought I was!). On the first attempt, you hit the jackpot! …..we have been together for over a year and I couldn’t be happier and we are planning our wedding. I will keep you posted! Once again thank you.

White male 77 years old (Retired Farmer).

I must admit Theo I was a bit skeptical at first, but after a few dates with some great ladies, I started to enjoy the whole process! After about the 6th date I met ……… we are now in a long-term committed relationship. I would recommend The Only Social Club for its innovative approach to dating as well as its professionalism. Thanks, kind regards