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1. Have faith in Dating that your life partner is out there, and you cannot and will not miss him/her.

2. Feel confident and not desperate. Desperation repels!

3. Drop your agenda and live fully in the now.

4. Remember there is no such thing as rejection, only the wrong fit or incompatibility! It is not about you, so don’t take it personally.

5. Focus on the other person if you feel awkward.

6. Quit sweating every phone call.

7. Be gentle with yourself. You’re learning to open up, and be vulnerable.

8. Give your dates a break, they are feeling as vulnerable and awkward as you.

9. Be aware of “the rubber band affect”!

10. Date with freedom – No strings!

11. Make no assumptions. If in doubt, always ask!

12. Be willing to speak your truth and say no lovingly. (you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do – have sex, smoke or other behaviours)

13. Avoid SMS and emails as the main form of communication. They are only complements to communication, but cannot substitute in person communication.

14. Understand that all love grows gradually. (your grandparents were right)

15. Maintain your other commitments with friends, gym, hobbies, spiritual beliefs and everything else you enjoy doing.

16. Take time to pray, meditate, say affirmations, and listen to your heart and what it is telling you about your relationships, dates, etc.

17. Trust! If you are soul-mates, ultimately nothing will keep you apart!

How to tell if they are interested in you

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It’s really quite simple.  There will be lots of clues, primarily given through body language.  Don’t worry; you don’t have to get up close and check to see if their pupils are dilated.  It’s much easier than that.  The non-verbal signals are pretty much the same in both men and women.  Here’s a quick list to help you gauge the chemistry clues:

  • Are they smiling at you often?
  • Do they compliment you?
  • Are they making lots of eye contact?
  • Are they leaning towards you?
  • Do they try to make contact?  Perhaps by touching your arm or putting their arm behind your back to walk you forward?
  • Do they seem attentive and interested in what you are saying?  Are they nodding a lot?
  • Do they make reference to doing something together in the future?