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Change from within

Some key Ideas for Corporate Dating Cape Town

With some research we believe that we’re attracted to people who share the same qualities as our parents. (both good and bad).

We can overcome childhood traumas by working through them in our adult relationships.

We like to think we’re self-aware enough to avoid mirroring the downside of our parents’ relationship. But research has discovered, old patterns may have a stronger hold than we realise.

Forming your own relationship blueprint – how to avoid replicating your parents’ mistakes.

  • Listen to your dialogue: does it remind you of your mom or dad? You may unconsciously mimic them, but it doesn’t necessarily reflect how you want to be.
  • When faced with a parental pattern you would like to change, the key mix is awareness (“There’s this thing I learnt to do”) and compassion (“But it’s okay, I can learn to do something else”).
  • Make the weak point of your parents’ relationship your top priority – so if they never argued and suddenly broke up, focus on your communication.
  • Work on your relationship with your parents. Cut the emotional umbilical cord (so you’re more adult than child around them) and you’re less likely to mimic them.
  • Whatever upsets you most about your relationship is likely to be inherited from your parents. Instead of going into battle over this issue (“if you don’t stop doing x, I can’t go on living”), step back and see it as a learning opportunity.
  • Study other people’s relationships – exposing yourself to other blueprints gives you more choice in how you handle your own.
  • Philandering parents are more likely to produce philandering offspring. You’re less likely to fall into this trap if you remember the pain it caused you.
  • If you’ve become critical, dependent or passive-aggressive like one of your parents, try other responses.
  • Understanding each other’s histories can help both partners to heal childhood wounds.

Whatever upsets you most about your relationship it is likely to be inherited from your parents? The research was found in the Aug/Sept 2008 edition of the Psychologies magazine.

I believe if you continue doing the same things you will get the same results. Make contact with The Only Social Club Corporate Dating  and change your behaviour, take responsibility for your life.

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Your Valentine

Valentines day is here again and Corporate Dating | South African Dating service  is here for you in order to assist and help you find the right relationship. Who said relationships are easy? Relationships are work.

We have all walked a path in life, and in order for a sustaining relationship you need to find that special one that has the same values as you. If you are going to settle for second best you are going to have a second rate relationship.

In my own experience you need to look at your past experiences and find tools in order to have a healthy relationship. It all starts with you, first have a relationship with you. Are you single? Are you you too busy? Are you looking for an exclusive service? Look forward to hearing from you.

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Singles Matchmaking Service

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Singles Matchmaking Service

Singles Matchmaking Service Happy New Year to you. I wish you an abundance of all good in your life for 2013. A new beginning.

The Only Social Club is a Singles Matchmaking Service catering to the singles professional market. The Only Social Club facilitates matchmaking that is done in a personalised manner. Why wait, taking action is the first step. The Only Social Club is grateful that it has facilitated the introduction and helped many members who are dating successfully as well as many resulting in marriage.

All prospects are interviewed. This assures our clients of no surprises. Let 2013 be your year and take action now. Make that contact with The Only Social Club a Singles Matchmaking Service to help facilitate and assist you to achieve your end goal. We look forward to hearing from you.

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