Dating Holiday Parties

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What could be more fun than the office party and all the parties this time of year?

Yes, that was a joke.

For many people, the annual holiday party is a potentially stressful experience. Made more so by the fact of their single-ness.

We know the priority for many smart and savvy singles isn’t always networking or career advancement. Rather, sometimes you just want to mingle and see if there are any interesting people at the party worth getting to know (and maybe dating).

With that in mind:

-If the invitation specifically states, “You and a guest” and you are not in a serious romantic relationship – DON’T bring a friend to the party.  We understand the instinct, parties can be intimidating. But this is an opportunity to mingle with colleagues and meet new people.

-DO go alone. You won’t be the only single person there.

-DON’T spend the whole night talking to the same small group of people.  

-DO force yourself to mingle. Set a goal for yourself.  For example, I will talk to 3 new people tonight. It might sound silly, but it works.

-DO enjoy yourself. Eat, drink and be merry.

-DON’T drink too much. Watch yourself and count your drinks, especially if there are waiters constantly refilling your glass. You don’t want to be that guy/girl who got drunk at the holiday party and made a fool of themselves.

-DON’T talk about work all night. You have a life outside of work. Or you should. Let people see the whole you.

-DO think about appropriate topics of conversation before the party.  That way you won’t be tongue tied all night.

Enjoy the parties and Happy Holidays!