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Research from Gabriel. So you have found a person who you think is your One, and now you’re dating. But it’s not going at the pace you want it to. What do you do? The answer involves trust. Your pace of devolving the relationship may not be the same as your partner’s. Part of real love is honouring the other person’s process. As long as a relationship remains dynamic, you can trust that it will continue to progress.

Are your insecurities coming up? Soothe them with the knowledge of just how powerful attachment is. If the two of you are getting closer and closer, rest assured that it will take a lot more than you realise to drag you apart.

While you may feel vulnerable as you open your heart, you can calm yourself and have faith that the Universe won’t meet you only half way, or three quarters of the way, but will meet you all the way. This is the truth.

Love will lead the way. People who arte continents away from each other somehow come together. If you can stay focused with the love and continued connection trust that everything will work out!

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