Personalised matchmaking service for corporate dating

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Personalised matchmaking service for corporate dating

I received some input by Gabriel Gonsalves and I truly agree. The more you tell the old story the more you’re blocking love from coming into your life.

“What do you think is the solution? Stop telling the old story and start telling the new story! The new story of how you want it to be. The story of what it’s like to be in the most magical, loving relationship with your love Soulmate. Start now. When you are chatting with friends and the old story starts to creep in, notice it and then begin with the new story.

You can try this story: That was my old story. The new story is that I’m no longer subject to those old patterns I had in my previous relationship. I’m working on myself. I’m changing my perspective and I’m starting to feel optimistic about my love life.  I am a quality guy/lady, and I have enjoyed the contrast that my previous relationship has brought me. I am now ready, open and available to meet my love Soulmate. I know he/she is out there, and right this moment he/she is also thinking about meeting someone just like me. I know no matter what, I cannot screw it up. We are destined for each other, and although we have not yet met, I know he/she and I are already connected. The desire to be with him/her would not have been placed inside of me, unless God wanted me to experience this level of Soulmate love. I know that when we come together it will be unlike any relationship I’ve ever experienced. It will just feel right. I can’t wait to be in his/her arm’s to make love, take weekends away, and to grow old with him/her. I can’t wait to share all the many gift’s I will be bringing to our relationship. Knowing that he/she is out there allows me to feel confident, to date with freedom, and inspires me to be myself.”

It might feel weird at first, almost as if you’re faking it, but don’t let that stop you. Tell the new story, the better you will feel, and the quicker he/she will show up in your life.

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