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Finding your soulmate ( Dr Demartini)

“Be Yourself.” Your mother and anyone else who’s ever counselled you on love have probably told you this. It’s straightforward advice that most of us take as useless, empty flattery, as in “You’re great just the way you are, and if people don’t recognise that, they’re fools.” Yeah okay. Thanks, Mom.

Be myself? What does that mean? Don’t wear make up? Belch at the table? Tell someone about my last crummy relationship and then yawn when they say something that I find boring? I don’t think so.

Once you’re in a relationship, there are some social conventions that you might agree to continue to observe. But let’s dive below the
surface: if you’d truly love to “find” and create a lasting bond with a soulmate, and not just have a few dates (or decades of wedded mediocrity), it’s best to start with yourself.

If you’re single and without a mate and want to be with that “special someone,” focus on yourself first, you can walk into a relationship empowered and aware of your own fullness, instead of being driven by a sense of need or desperation.  A soulmate isn’t someone who gives you
what you lack, but instead it is a person who can share your life, for whatever period of time. Together you can explore something magical that transcends comparing similarities and differences and enter the realms of true love.

What are loving relationships? Ones that help you see yourself.

Who attracts them? People who care for themselves.

Where do you discover bonds of affection? Within yourself.

How do you find lasting connections? By being yourself.

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