Dating love at first sight

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If what you think you are feeling when dating  love at first sight it will bring much damage to the brain as you move further along in the relationship. You need to be sick to get it, and when you get it, it will make you sick.

 Have we not all been there? I think it is more lust than anything else.

You can probably relate to love at first sight at some level, especially when you were a teenager. In adulthood, when such feelings have the opportunity to develop into something that may be for keeps you need to understand that there is no such thing as love at first sight.

When it comes to dating do not let your fantasies fool you into thinking you have found something of value just because a person turns your head or makes your heart beat faster. A fast beating heart has nothing to do with love or with anything that will last. If you do not fall in love at first sight it does not mean that the person you meet does not have great value or even lasting potential.

The reason you may feel this about someone could be coming from a lot of sources, and sometimes it is important to find what those sources are. You need to look at the whole package yes it is all fair wanting a Hollywood movie star but you also need to match what you are looking for.

When dating Love is built through soul-to-soul connection, shared values, commitment, resolving conflicts and hurts, tenderness, sacrifice, forgiveness, giving, displays of character, spiritual compatibility, growing and sharing-things that all have something important in common. Love takes time. Anything short of that may be exciting even intoxicating or lead to instant gratification, but it isn’t love.

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