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Relationships in general whether you are straight or gay I feel one needs to make a decision about taking your dating life into your own hands. If you believe the person you are dating only makes contact as a rebound or as a midnight call then the person is actually using you and you have to then cut ties and move on UNLESS you are happy with the arrangement and you wish to remain a lover with benefits. If you are looking for a serious relationship then you have to take action and join an exclusive matchmaking service The Only Social Club of finding what you are looking for. In other words, it’s not a question of them wanting you but more of you finding a match that’s good for you. I find too many of us get carried away by someone paying attention to us. We become intoxicated with the idea that someone finds us attractive and desirable, overlooking whether or not the person is in fact a good match and what we are truly looking for. 

Make a list of all your good qualities and why your other half would find you attractive – this helps with yourself confidence. Then make a list of the qualities YOU HOPE  to find in a partner. Take your time and explore all possibilities, remember you need to take action in the right direction. It may be a good idea to be a little old fashioned and become friends first.