Treat Each Date as a Clean Slate

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When it comes to the single’s market there’s one thing that all or most daters (over the legal drinking age) have in common – they have all been on dates before, with other people.  

Most of us have had prior relationships. Remember, and this is very important and take note that those prior relationships are in the past. Your date’s prior relationships and your prior relationships are all in the past.  

A helpful hint is always to imagine that each first date as a clean slate. Sure, you may have had ex-boyfriends/girlfriends or in some cases maybe even ex-wives/husbands. But those relationships are now over and in the past and you should have moved on. Never mention or talk negatively about your past relationships on a first date. It can, in fact, be quite harmful.  

Instead, your focus should be on the date as well as being in the present moment. Do not focus on negativity as you will invite negativity, so talk about the positive things that are happening in your life. What makes you happy? Talk about it! Fell happy, feel joy and share your joy. And, more importantly, dream aloud about what you’d like to see happen in the future. 

Leave and save discussions of the past for if and when you get to know your date a bit better. Until then, leave that baggage behind, magine that you have a clean slate: no exes, no break-ups, no past relationships weighing you down.