DATING: The Modern Cupid (Meet Theo Malherbe)

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The ‘soulmate search’ has inspired novel after novel, been a long-running theme in film, and dominates many a mainstream. Reality TV tried it-with varying success. But is quitting your job to audition for a place among 24 ‘finalists’ vying for the heart of TV’s most eligible bachelor the only way to secure a date these days.

Simply put not anymore. Redefining the way South Africans search for true love is Theo Malherbe.

When Theo went through all of the dating possibilities himself, he recognised a global need for a service and launched The Only Social Club. It has now been in operation for over 5 years.

It is today one of the fastest-growing and most successful dating and matchmaking service in the country. In the 5 years that he has been in operation Theo Malherbe’s service has changed the way South African singles look for love.

While becoming a modern day cupid is a feat in itself, Theo’s venture has simultaneously catapulted him to entrepreneurial success.

“The Only Social Club is a facility which introduces high-calibre people in a professional manner, where Integrity and Confidentiality are guaranteed, and matches are made to one’s unique specifications,” explains Theo. Remember matchmaking was a big thing in the old days.

“The Only Social Club is not a sex service and no numbers and names game but deals rather in quality relationships. It is an opportunity that has tremendous appeal for many professionals of all walks of life,” insists Theo. He mentions that professionals invest in other areas of there lives why not invest in your personal life.  All matches are done according to ones specifications and remember everyone has a wish list. Do you fit what you are looking for??

“There are many single lonely people, and almost everyone is trying to meet a companion, soulmate or lover. Our aim and mission is to have all members dating and in a successful relationship,” he explains.

“Many members understand how the service works and there are others that want instant gratification, he says, but he mentions that he keeps to the nature of the business and if they want instant gratification they need to then find a service that will then help them. “If we continue doing the same things we will get the same results,” he says. Change your behaviour.

In conclusion Theo says that he has many singles that are now in a successful relationship and some have resulted in engagements as well as marriages. He definitely feels that he has made a difference in many single lives.