5 Ways to organise your year

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Introduce balance and feel fulfilled

1. Prioritise. Many new projects, initiatives and work commitments are embarked on at the start of the year. Prioritise them and set feasible deadlines.

2. Make time to relax. Use a personal diary to allocate time for yourself and your family, otherwise it won’t  happen. Take time out on weekends so stress and tiredness don’t accumulate.

3. Pursue health. Don’t prolong your holiday lapses. Return to a healthy eating programme and start exercising again.

4. Maintain intimacy. Partners often have more time to bond during holidays so relationships flourish. Don’t loose this. Make time for your partner every day.

5. Plan to share. Many people are having tough financial times. Make plans to help people in your community – and don’t just think about it – go out and do it.