The First date

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What about love at first sight?

If you think you really are experiencing true and deep love right from the start, notice if this is a pattern for you. Have you often felt this before and only later discovered that it was not real? Or you may have another pattern.

Maybe you are so “ready” to be in love that someone who comes remotely close to being your type will capture your attention. In the early stages of attraction (especially if there is a lot of chemistry), it’s easy to deceive yourself, so it’s really important to know your patterns.

If you are bothered by something and feel unable to bring up the topic, this is not a good sign. You may be intuiting (correctly) that this other person would only become defensive if you brought it up.


Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Like drugs and alcohol, sex also tends to alter your perception of reality. And like these substances, it can help you deny what is really going on and avoid feelings that really need to be faced.


First date dilemmas. If I’m preoccupied with my feelings of disappointment, there’s no point in trying to hide this. That would interfere with my ability to be present to what is.

When I trust the unknown in this way (instead of trying not to rock the boat), I learn that I can trust myself to handle unexpected consequences.

This is one of the main reasons for practicing truth in dating – to strengthen your self trust.