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Vanessa Haywood (Celebrity, Actress, Model)

I assisted in helping Theo with getting the Johannesburg area up and running. The reason I decided to go into business with Theo was because I liked the concept and I had become all too aware of how difficult it was to meet new people and find a life partner in Johannesburg, especially with the lifestyles that we lead here! I had realised that there was a big need for this type of service, offering a Confidential matchmaking facility with Integrity where each member is screened before joining. There are so many different dating facilities in South Africa but none quite like this one! There is a big need for a professional matchmaker in Johannesburg – and I wanted to be it! The Only Social Club is not a names and numbers game but has to do with quality relationships and not quantity.

I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone as I believe in the core values and the need for professional assistance in finding the right partner in the concrete jungle that is Joburg.