The first date

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In the initial stages of dating it’s natural for fears and insecurities to come up because the future is so uncertain. 

The big question. Don’t use your commitment in dating as an excuse to grill your date with questions about the future that cannot be answered.

What’s the payoff? This practice has great potential for transforming the dating scene from one of suspicion and caution to one of caring and mutual support.

The rules. Deciding to go deep does not mean dumping out a bunch of psychological insights about yourself, it is up to the two of you to define the type of honesty you both want.

The purpose of dating. If you find yourself making assessments and judgements about him/her, you are probably having uncomfortable feelings. Talk about these instead of about your judgements.

What happens on a first date? The first date is a good time to consider the question: “What is my purpose in meeting and getting to know you, and what is yours”.