Moaning and gripping

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Moaning and Gripping

Are you one of those still griping and moaning as to why you have not met Miss/Mister right? The Only Social Club a Singles corporate matchmaking dating service Are you the one still getting the wrong advice from friends thinking they have all the answers regarding the man/woman and the type of relationships that you should be involved with?

You are single, divorced or widowed?

The way forward in my opinion is although confiding in friends may take some of the pain away with whatever one is going through at that time. Unless it is a friend that has your best interests all fair and well. I do believe friends sometimes do not always have your best interests. If you wish to buy a car you would then go to a reputable company in order to purchase that car. If you are having problems in relationships confide in someone reputable and it would be wise to consult a therapist or relationship coach.

Thoughts become things. Surround yourself with positive people and do have a positive attitude towards relationships. If you hang out with negative people and if you constantly negative about relationships, the economy, your health etc. etc. in my opinion that is what you are going to attract. I do believe if you hang out with successful people that have a positive attitude towards life in general then you will attract someone with similar and like interests.

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