Make Valentine’s Day Unforgettable

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Some Ideas so that the day is special! Men: Know what they want. Does your loved one yearn for romance in her life? If you can’t think of what to do, remember that you will never go wrong with saying ” I’ll cook dinner for you.” Find that perfect card. Don’t just sign your name, write a little something sweet. If you are bad at sentiment, just Google the romantic poets and grab a quote. Women: Find something that gets the point across as an enjoyable evening but is also actually fun. Mini-golf provides loads of opportunities for snuggling and flirting. Or maybe a candle-lit bath for two will do the trick. Forget those rose petals as you will be cleaning them out of the drain long after the water has gone cold? Even though you give him a card that took you all night to compose and his says “Love, Mark,” accept it graciously and do not make a big deal out of it. He tried.

Dinner is a must. Arrange a dinner that is out of the ordinary, without kids, grandparents and friends. It does not have to be fancy or expensive. The thought behind it counts. A casual picnic can seal the deal. The important thing is to use the occasion to reconnect with that special person whose every movement once drove you crazy. Chocolate? A tough one! Everyone loves chocolate, but everyone should not be eating chocolate – or at least not all at once. Getting a large box will torture you and the loved one, until you both descend on it, demolishing it in a very short time, and then you would feel guilty. What VALENTINES DAY would that be. If you are going the chocolate route, get a small, elegant box and throw in some exotic coffee or flowers. Lingerie? Admit it men, buying it, its for your viewing pleasure. If you are going to go silky-satin – this is important – get the right size. Nothing is going to kill the mood faster than when she realises she can’t get the thing past her knees. If she happens to be more than a medium, discreetly cut out the tag. Even better find a medium tag and sew it in.