Instant gratification for love

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We all or most of us have some sort of technology in our homes. Technology is here to stay, the instant access and Instant gratification for love is at a click of a button, especially when looking for love.

Instant gratification for love

We have so many different opportunities when finding love, various apps, online dating services, or a Professional Matchmaking Service with your own personal matchmaker. First establish are you ready and want to be in a long-term committed relationship or you just want to date for the sake of dating. Having our desires met isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The spread of quick-fix solutions in the digital age, and the instant gratification, impulsive behaviors may be detracting from our health and our quality of life.

How to avoid Cat-fishing when communicating with a person online

Some observations with dating apps etc. and in order to find romance, many of us have heard of many horror stories. Cat-fishing, stealing another profile and pretending to be the person in the picture when they are communicating with you. Some of our own members before joining informed us they had parted with hundreds of thousands of rand’s to find the person on the other end of the device was not real and disappeared never to be found.

Instant gratification for love

When looking for love organically, do not settle just to settle because all your friends are in a relationship. You do wish to be with the right person, don’t you? Take the time for yourself to establish what you are looking for in a relationship? For many of us we usually only focus on the looks. Religions, smokers, non-smokers, children, age, race, sport, financial stability, education and many other variables play a part of what it is when it comes to finding your ideal partner.

Many in the singles market are giving up on love as they are looking in the wrong places and are addicted to the fast-food dating.

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