Dating in South Africa personal matchmaking

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Dating in South Africa  personal matchmaking. We all deserve to be dating a good person – the kind worth keeping – but first and foremost you need to value and like YOU.

 The Only Social Club keeps to the nature of the business and, as a matchmaker, the mission and purpose is to have members in the right relationship with the right person. Dating in South Africa is when we see a negative in someone else, we may see it in ourselves, and it is so easy to identify and look at someone else’s problem areas rather than our own, as we are scared of change. Personal matchmaking – how often have you heard someone say “That’s just the way I am, there’s nothing I can do about it.” It’s tragic that so many people believe that they are incapable of change. I am not saying you should lower your standards or under sell yourself. But if you want certain attributes from another, and you do not fit them yourself and are constantly criticising, then your chance of ever being in a happy relationship is very slim. Progress, growth and change are the order of life. Every seven years every one of the billion cells in our bodies is replaced. Fashion, customs, even the ethical standards of life, change from generation to generation. In fact, the only thing that is constant is the reality of change. When change takes place within us then every other area of our lives starts to fall into place. We are reluctant to accept change because of our “fear of the unknown.”  However, we must learn to accept and welcome change if we are to grow as individuals. Change what is not working for you. Look at your areas where things have gotten in the way of you dating and growing as a person. You might examine what may be keeping love away. Could it be criticism? Feelings of unworthiness? Unreasonable standards? Movie star images? Fear of intimacy? A belief that you are unlovable?

Personal matchmaking

The Only Social Club  has been in the personal matchmaking service for the past 6 years, adding value to people’s live’s. Are you tired of not meeting the right person? Do you want to add value to your life with the right partner? Grow old with someone that is suitable?

Are you ready to join Dating in South Africa and embark on this journey with our personal matchmaking service. My members are professional, committed and want to be in a long term relationship.

Be ready for love when it does come. Be loving and you will be lovable. You deserve a good person, and when you are open and ready, it will happen.

Be happy, healthy, and let all that love flow through your heart.”