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We all have choices and we all need to take responsibility for those choices we make. How many times have we said, it was always the other person’s fault and never mine? Most of my my life I always felt it was the other persons fault, it is not me with the problems, not me with the baggage, not me with the insecurities?  Hey, come on, I now need to look at my own stuff and recognise that I am just to blame as the other party with the relationship not working out. How many of us do not look at there own stuff and choose to blame the other person and then move onto the next relationship and the next and repeating the same areas. Have you done that? Are you still doing that?  Have you not taken a wake up call and looked at your own stuff? “If you/we continue doing the same things you/we will get the same results.” We are all deserving and why settle for second best.