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In our fast-paced digital life, most people are running on tight schedules and don’t have time for love and courtship. With business models radically changing over the years, finding the perfect dream partner has become a notorious challenge for many professional singles. While numerous dating sites have blossomed these days, we have heard and believe are not always reliable and constitute mostly cheap or free sites. Online dating is not easy and, on most occasions, it doesn’t result in a meeting face to face. People who use online dating sites are often dissatisfied with the results and report that it is a time consuming and frustrating experience.

As one of the most sought-after dating sites in South Africa, The Only Social Club strives to provide members with the golden opportunity to meet the right suitable partners, improving their chances of a committed relationship and hope to end in a successful marriage. For any working professional looking for exclusive dating opportunities, The Only Social Club is an opportunity to meet your dream partner.

Love, Lust and Chemistry

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Love, Lust and chemistry

With chemistry the passion has to carry you forward for many years. The Only Social Club a Professional Dating service Cape Town feels you may not have immediate chemistry but it may build overtime. Do not go into a relationship where you think you can create the chemistry especially where none currently exists. You and your partner both have to feel it. Photos can be very misleading when it comes to attractiveness. The perfect person is not necessarily perfect for you. Address the issue if you and the person that you have had several dates with do not share the same physical chemistry.

Professional Dating service Cape TownChemistry is the rush, the high that we experience when we get together with someone who turns us on. Being in love is the romantic, sexual, turned on love, sometimes even lust. I have found that it is usually the chemistry first that must be present in order for a romantic relationship to exist. You need to ask yourself at the time if the chemistry does exist whether it is the kind of chemistry that will produce and sustain a healthy loving relationship for you.

Chemistry can be very powerful which could lead you without thinking and fizzle out quickly because of the excitement about that person. When choosing a lifelong partner contact a Professional Dating service Cape Town The Only Social Club has many singles dating with many resulting into marriage. Choose a partner and look for commitment as well as success then focus on the kind of love that grows slowly, starting with friendship that then develops into a lover a relationship to create lasting love.

Love, Love, Love

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Love, Love, Love

Being in love is the most wonderful feeling ever. Do you have a history of meeting the wrong guys/ ladies? Are you addicted to the dangerous men/woman? The Only Social Club Professional Dating Service

When growing up you could have either been exposed to some sort of trauma, abuse or domestic violence. When going into adult life you then find yourself taking on the role of been independent and strong. If you have not worked on the trauma etc. and mend the past as well as forgive yourself, you will then attract someone similar from the type of situation you had been in.

You need to choose not to choose broken people who cannot love you the way you need or want. You need to break that cycle and it starts with you.

You need to look at the problem head on and face the trauma you have experienced whether from a bad relationship, your upbringing, etc. etc. and deal with it. Either deal with it with a therapist who can then unpack it and help you with some tools, do workshops, read self-help books, get a life coach otherwise you will continue with the same cycle. Happiness starts with you first. You need to love and approve of you before someone can love you the way you want them to love you.

Start first by making a list of what you do want. Say to yourself that you want to be in a wholesome, wonderful, committed relationship with the right partner. List the points that you would like form a partner. Do you match those points? Remember it starts first with you.

The Only Social Club is a well-established matchmaking, professional dating service with a history of success, catering to the single professionals. All members are screened and the service has been in operation since 2005.


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I am pleased that once again The Only Social Club a Professional Dating Service has had more successes and the two couples are pleased and truly grateful for the introductions to their partners. Both couples have recently got married. I have again made a difference in both couples’ lives and it gives The Only social Club great joy.

Are you single and still looking? Most people hate the idea of been single, and growing old and alone. Single and relationships is a topic on most people’s lips. Are you ready for a relationship? You need to open your heart and make space to connect with someone special. Be the love magnet and welcome more love in your life. They are definitely not going to knock on your door. You need to put yourself out everywhere where it resonates with your value system. Join now and have the work done for you. Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed

The service is a Professional Dating Service an exclusive service for single professionals.

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