Always and forever

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Always and Forever

The Only Social Club for Corporate Dating singles, a service for the singles market and genuine professionals. Singles Dating Cape Town. Singles Dating  Johannesburg. Singles Dating Durban.

What or is there a secret formula to an everlasting, happy, long term relationship?

What has been discovered is that what keeps a relationship is mutual vulnerability and that each partner is open to each other. Willing to be curious and to express each other’s needs. (Let down the walls and get rid of the ego).

It is the small stuff, daily acts of kindness, thoughtfulness that sustain a relationship over the long period. Getting rid of the stuff that you need to move on from. Communicate about it so that it does not build into something bigger. Successful couples pulled together during times of stress.

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Some pointers.
1. Nurture: Find practical and emotional ways to feed your relationship every day.
2. Embrace: Physical contact and sensory intimacy are just as important as sex in the long term
3. Invest: Use plans and habits to keep the spirit of romance alive.
4. Celebrate: Adopt some kind of ritual to mark the passage of time or celebrate special occasions

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Past Hurts

The Only Social Club a Professional Dating Service Johannesburg asks have you let go of the past hurts or do you still bear a grudge towards your ex? We do believe that you have to forgive in order to move on. Write a letter to the person who hurt you but do not send it. Always end the letter in a positive note that you have let go and moved on with your life. Wish them well! (Either burn the letter or tear it up as it is for your benefit). Now that you have decided to forgive you will then be free to move on.

You are not alone. The Only Social Club a Professional Dating|Matchmaking Service that does the work for you. Have you recently got divorced, widowed, come out of a relationship? Have you been in the singles game a long time? Look no further and let The Only Social Club help and assist you.


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I am pleased that once again The Only Social Club a Professional Dating Service has had more successes and the two couples are pleased and truly grateful for the introductions to their partners. Both couples have recently got married. I have again made a difference in both couples’ lives and it gives The Only social Club great joy.

Are you single and still looking? Most people hate the idea of been single, and growing old and alone. Single and relationships is a topic on most people’s lips. Are you ready for a relationship? You need to open your heart and make space to connect with someone special. Be the love magnet and welcome more love in your life. They are definitely not going to knock on your door. You need to put yourself out everywhere where it resonates with your value system. Join now and have the work done for you. Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed

The service is a Professional Dating Service an exclusive service for single professionals.

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