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Things that drive woman mad

Things men do that drive women mad Corporate Matchmaking | Dating Service

1: Adjusting your private parts: The day when women discover the reason or secret to a man’s love for fiddling with his private parts will be a happy occasion. We all know that men sometimes need to ‘sort the boys out’ for comfort purposes, at least do it while we’re not looking.
2: Selective hearing: Choosing to watch the television over listening to your other half is never going to end well because it’s insulting. Are women really that boring? Tuning in and out of conversations isn’t really an option; you’re either having a chat with them, or you aren’t.
3: Leaving a trail of mess: What is it with the male tendency to leave the story of their day behind in a long trail of mess like a storyboard? Please enlighten the ladies, and in the meantime, pick your mess up.
4: Leaving the remnants of your shaving session in the wash basin: Men, if you walked into the bathroom only to find used makeup wipes and the hair from woman’s freshly shaved legs around the bathroom, I think you’d find it somewhat bothersome. Ladies face a similar problem every morning with men’s short curly hairs and bits of stubble. It’s not pleasant at all.
5: Man flu: The term ‘man flu’ has permeated public consciousness to suggest that men exaggerate their cold symptoms as a way of getting attention from their female counterparts. If men are as strong and enduring as they claim to be, then don’t break down when you have a cold.
6: Spending all your money on technical stuff: If women go on a shopping spree and return with a handful of bags, women never hear the end of it. Yet men seem to have a bottomless bank of money when it comes to man things. Call a compromise on this one though; if men are going to spend money on stuff you don’t really need, let woman do the same without feeling guilty about it.
7: Leaving the toilet seat up: The troublesome toilet seat; who would have known it could cause such a fuss? It always causes the classic toilet seat argument. Women do understand that you need to lift it up –but what’s wrong with putting it back down again after?

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Moaning and Gripping

Are you one of those still griping and moaning as to why you have not met Miss/Mister right? The Only Social Club a Singles corporate matchmaking dating service Are you the one still getting the wrong advice from friends thinking they have all the answers regarding the man/woman and the type of relationships that you should be involved with?

You are single, divorced or widowed?

The way forward in my opinion is although confiding in friends may take some of the pain away with whatever one is going through at that time. Unless it is a friend that has your best interests all fair and well. I do believe friends sometimes do not always have your best interests. If you wish to buy a car you would then go to a reputable company in order to purchase that car. If you are having problems in relationships confide in someone reputable and it would be wise to consult a therapist or relationship coach.

Thoughts become things. Surround yourself with positive people and do have a positive attitude towards relationships. If you hang out with negative people and if you constantly negative about relationships, the economy, your health etc. etc. in my opinion that is what you are going to attract. I do believe if you hang out with successful people that have a positive attitude towards life in general then you will attract someone with similar and like interests.

Looking for a Singles matchmaking dating service that has your best interests, doing the screening for you regarding suitable matches as well as credit checks? Look no further. Make contact with The Only Social Club that has been in operation since 2005. The service is a discreet a personalised professional service. You need to do the prep work in the meantime of what you want regarding your ideal partner? Make that contact and let’s get the process started.

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Shy or Introverted

The Only Social Club is a Professional matchmaking service South Africa assisting to the singles dating professionals

Have you become one of those people that is shy or introverted after an unsuccessful relationship? Did you get jilted or hurt and decide to back off from subsequent relationships? I am aware at the time that most relationships bring more joy than pain. That’s why we usually find that it is so difficult to give up the relationship. When the relationship has ended we then tend to put out the good memories and only focus and concentrate on the negative/s what he/she may have done that brought you pain or the worst-possible frame on an experience. The idea is that all interactions we have is to change the frame, see the joy, see the gain, and see the growth. Once you can see that, only then is it possible to move on from a positive rather than a negative frame and be empowered to create an even greater relationship in the future. For you to have even a greater relationship, ask yourself what did you learn by seeing this differently? How does this free you to act differently?

We all deserve to be in a wonderful fulfilling relationship. Opportunities may have been presented to you but because you have been focusing on the negatives of the previous relationship you had, you may have missed out and not seen him/her. We all grow and change, embrace the change. Allow yourself the time.


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