Professional Matchmaking Service | Singles Dating

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Professional Matchmaking Service | Singles Dating

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. You still single?? Let 2014 be your year to find love and be in that special relationship. The Only Social Club has been in operation since 2005 and is a Professional Matchmaking Service | Singles Dating.

Why “The Only Social Club. It is a facility which introduces high-calibre people in a professional manner, where Integrity and Confidentiality are guaranteed, and matches are made to one’s unique specifications. Remember matchmaking was a big thing in the old days. “The Only Social Club is not a sex service and no numbers and names game but deals in quality relationships. It is an opportunity that has tremendous appeal for many professionals of all walks of life. You invest in other areas of your lives why not invest in your personal life.  All matches are done according to ones specifications and remember everyone has a wish list.

The service has changed the way South African singles look for love. In conclusion The Only Social Club has many singles that are now in a successful relationship with many that have resulted in engagements as well as marriages. The service has definitely made a difference in many single people’s lives. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

Things that drive woman mad

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Things that drive woman mad

Things men do that drive women mad Corporate Matchmaking | Dating Service

1: Adjusting your private parts: The day when women discover the reason or secret to a man’s love for fiddling with his private parts will be a happy occasion. We all know that men sometimes need to ‘sort the boys out’ for comfort purposes, at least do it while we’re not looking.
2: Selective hearing: Choosing to watch the television over listening to your other half is never going to end well because it’s insulting. Are women really that boring? Tuning in and out of conversations isn’t really an option; you’re either having a chat with them, or you aren’t.
3: Leaving a trail of mess: What is it with the male tendency to leave the story of their day behind in a long trail of mess like a storyboard? Please enlighten the ladies, and in the meantime, pick your mess up.
4: Leaving the remnants of your shaving session in the wash basin: Men, if you walked into the bathroom only to find used makeup wipes and the hair from woman’s freshly shaved legs around the bathroom, I think you’d find it somewhat bothersome. Ladies face a similar problem every morning with men’s short curly hairs and bits of stubble. It’s not pleasant at all.
5: Man flu: The term ‘man flu’ has permeated public consciousness to suggest that men exaggerate their cold symptoms as a way of getting attention from their female counterparts. If men are as strong and enduring as they claim to be, then don’t break down when you have a cold.
6: Spending all your money on technical stuff: If women go on a shopping spree and return with a handful of bags, women never hear the end of it. Yet men seem to have a bottomless bank of money when it comes to man things. Call a compromise on this one though; if men are going to spend money on stuff you don’t really need, let woman do the same without feeling guilty about it.
7: Leaving the toilet seat up: The troublesome toilet seat; who would have known it could cause such a fuss? It always causes the classic toilet seat argument. Women do understand that you need to lift it up –but what’s wrong with putting it back down again after?

The Only Social Club understands the need of finding the right partner. Fill in the enquiry form and let’s get the process started.


What is love?

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What is Love

The Only Social Club CC is a Corporate Matchmaking Service | Singles Dating which has been in operation since 2005 and looks after your best interests.

Have you recently found yourself out of the mainstream since been divorced, widowed and now single of where to find a suitable professional partner?

We believe that with some research falling in love may feel like a meeting of hearts and minds, some kind of temporary insanity which is driven by hormones, scientists say. Julia Stuart reports.

Love can be divided into three entities: lust, romance and attachment. You can fall in love with someone before you sleep with them; you can become deeply attached to somebody and then fall in love with them; and you can have a sexual relationship, fall in love and then become deeply attached.

Lust is a craving for sexual gratification, which you can feel for a whole range of people. Those caught up in romantic love focus all their attention on the object of their affection. Not only do they crave them, but they are highly motivated to win them, they obsessively think about them and become extremely sexually possessive. Perhaps illogically, if things go wrong. they are attracted to them even more. During this state the brain is driven by dopamine, a neurotransmitter central to the reward system.

Romantic love is much more powerful than the sex drive, says Dr Fisher, of Rutgers University, New Jersey. She believes it to be a drive, rather than an emotion. “It doesn’t have any facial expression, it’s very difficult to control and it’s one of the most powerful neural systems that have evolved,” she says.

The third brain system is attachment – that sense of calm and security you can feel for a long-term partner. It is associated with the hormones, which are probably responsible for the sense of peacefulness and unity felt after having sex. Holding hands also drives up oxytocin levels, as does looking deeply into your loved one’s eyes, massage, and simply sitting next to them.

Make 2014 your mission and goal to find that special person in order to have that special love.

The Only Social Club is catering for your needs it does the Research and Search: We look at values, background, integrity, hidden agendas, needs and desires – key aspects for an individual. This allows us to evaluate the potential for chemistry based on what our clients have told us. All appropriate prospects are interviewed. This assures our clients of no surprises.

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