Successes and Testimonials.

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1. Hi Theo, Just a quick note to let you know I have seen ….. a couple of times and am enjoying it thoroughly. After a couple of false starts, you came up with someone who is lovely and has uncanny similarities – even with an unusual character like me J. Thanks for the intro and I’ll be in touch. All the best,    2. Hi, Theo A couple of months ago you gave me an intro to ………, then a couple of weeks back you called me with another intro to ……  At that time I told you that I wasn’t sure why since I was still seeing …… that we had formed a good friendship, were socialising, partying, riding, etc. together regularly, and really enjoying each other’s company – but probably no more would come of it . . . although I hadn’t yet given up hope!  (During this period, incidentally, I have had full knee replacement surgery, had her visit me in hospital,  and have since fully regained virtually 100% strength & activity in record time!)  Meanwhile I openly told …… I was “dating” elsewhere – albeit reluctantly since she had “rejected” me – and this clearly caused her to re-think the whole situation!  She came to realise that I had become important to her, and that her feelings for me had developed far beyond mere friendship. In short, she found that she didn’t want to lose me . . and I was only too delighted  to hear it! Bottom line is that we are now very much “in love”, and planning a future together . . . It is very early days to believe nothing can go wrong – but we are both excited about this opportunity for new beginnings, and  determined not to let it pass us by if we can help it! So thankyou, Theo, for making this all possible . . . I hope it gives you some professional satisfaction! If you’d like me to keep you updated I shall gladly do so. Keep up the good work – kind regards, …..