Dating (Happiness Plan)

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Productive relationships are the key to keeping you happy. Smile and laugh – it’s good for the body. Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and get lots of exercise. A happy brain makes you happy. Give your brain enough rest by sleeping eight hours a night. Enjoy silence, it makes you relax. Meditate. A good way to meditate is to sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed, relax and try to think of nothing. Note everything you hear, nearby and far away. If thoughts drift into your head allow them gently to drift out again. This helps you to relax, improves your clarity of thoughts and allows you to feel in control with your life.


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Is it for you? It is not for everyone. But even if you are not ready to commit, the skills you learn when dating will help you to become more confident and present. Dating seems scary when you forget that you are no longer little and fragile. You will survive if someone rejects you.

Your Dress sense. Style

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Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. There is nothing superficial about appearances. Sometimes a dramatic change to our bodies can alter our oulook on life. Appearances matter. 55% of what we respond to takes place visually. 38% of what we respond to is the sound of communication. 7% of what we respond to involves the actual words we say. Dress the part for the part you want. Overdo it and you don’t add value, you end up taking it away. Looking fashionable and youthful is available to anyone, at any age. If you feel confident and attractive, you will radiate confidence and attractiveness. See yourself for what you want to be. Dress to fit the person you are and will be.

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