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In our fast-paced digital life, most people are running on tight schedules and don’t have time for love and courtship. With business models radically changing over the years, finding the perfect dream partner has become a notorious challenge for many professional singles. While numerous dating sites have blossomed these days, we have heard and believe are not always reliable and constitute mostly cheap or free sites. Online dating is not easy and, on most occasions, it doesn’t result in a meeting face to face. People who use online dating sites are often dissatisfied with the results and report that it is a time consuming and frustrating experience.

As one of the most sought-after dating sites in South Africa, The Only Social Club strives to provide members with the golden opportunity to meet the right suitable partners, improving their chances of a committed relationship and hope to end in a successful marriage. For any working professional looking for exclusive dating opportunities, The Only Social Club is an opportunity to meet your dream partner.

The right one

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The right one

The Only Social Club is a Professional Matchmaking Service for the Corporate Singles Dating Service  a personalised matchmaking service.

We as humans all hope to to find the right person and be in the right relationship? Be sensible and choose when choosing the right one. Although you are still currently single you would be better off single than being in the wrong relationship. You need to have faith that you will meet the right person and be in the right relationship. There is an abundant of singles out there? Do not compromise your standards for love. If you choose a person make sure it is for love and that the values and morals you are wanting all add up.

Never settle just for the sake of settling. You will make yourself as well as the other person/partner unhappy. Make sure that your intentions are the right ones when settling with your partner. Value yourself.

“The Only Social Club” Corporate Singles Dating Service a service, where all members are personally seen and screened and personal introductions are put forward. No time and do not want to be in bars or clubs? Look no further and make that contact with a South African dating site and a singles introduction service, catering to the singles and corporate dating market. We look forward to you making that contact.


Perfect relationship

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Perfect Relationships

We all strive for the perfect relationship and a good relationship is not always crystal clear. Professional Matchmaking Service | Singles Dating Service and relationships are opportunities to expand our hearts and become more deeply loving. In order to find a beautiful relationship it is always necessary to look at ourselves first, look at what our previous relationships were about and learn from those lessons in order to have a happy wholesome relationship. You need to be aware that you are good enough for a meaningful relationship. If you are not convinced that you are good enough and enough you will definitely have a difficult time accepting someone in your life.

We are a professional, selective and discreet exclusive dating service. We look forward to you making that contact.

Professional Dating Service

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Professional Dating Service | South African Dating Site | Dating Service

The Only Social Club, Professional Dating Service | South African Dating Site | Dating Service Sarie magazine thank you, received an awesome write up regarding one of my successes. To see more, check out the Sarie magazine in the February 2013 edition on page 54. The article is on various dating services and one of my ladies (successes) was interviewed and spoke on the service. She has been in a relationship with one of my members for the past 4 years and has since married and now has a child. I was given a rating of 10/10. Thanks to Sarie magazine for the positive article.

The word single, relationships, finding the right life partner  is a topic with so many and yet so many continue to do the same things and get the same results. I too find that many do not even take that action. They choose to sit and complain. I can assure you that special one is not going to fall into your lap. Are you looking for a service regarding confidentiality as well as someone to do the necessary screening for you? Make contact with a Professional Dating Service | South African Dating Site | Dating Service, and let’s get the process started for you.

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