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If you are a busy professional, you are likely to be preoccupied with work and meetings most of the time. For most working elites, socialising might come across as a daunting challenge, and for various obvious reasons, working singles find it difficult to find an appropriate life partner. While there are a number of dating applications available on the internet, not all of them seem reliable. Besides, online dating can seem unpredictable and doesn’t always result in successful matches. For worthy singles looking for suitable matches, The Only Social Club provides an opportunity of meeting their dream partner and investing in a meaningful relationship. The exclusive dating service, which can be availed by residents of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, values integrity and confidentiality over everything else, assisting members to build a lasting relationship with the one who matters.

Corporate Dating Service | South African Dating

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The Only Social Club Corporate Dating Service | South African Dating we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you all the best for 2014 and that you have an abundance of love, peace, wealth, health, prosperity and success and that 2014 is your year.

I trust that you are reading this as you are single and have not found that special person that you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Look no further as The Only Social Club www.theonlysocialclub.co.za another opportunity to help and assist you. The Only Social Club is grateful having many of its members dating successfully as well as many that are married. The Only Social Club looks after your best interests.   

The Next Step

Taking that first step towards happiness is only a mouse click away. Simply complete our online Sign-up form and we’ll contact. All members are screened leaving you with no surprises. Let 2014 be your year to find love.

Perfect relationship

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Perfect Relationships

We all strive for the perfect relationship and a good relationship is not always crystal clear. Professional Matchmaking Service | Singles Dating Service and relationships are opportunities to expand our hearts and become more deeply loving. In order to find a beautiful relationship it is always necessary to look at ourselves first, look at what our previous relationships were about and learn from those lessons in order to have a happy wholesome relationship. You need to be aware that you are good enough for a meaningful relationship. If you are not convinced that you are good enough and enough you will definitely have a difficult time accepting someone in your life.

We are a professional, selective and discreet exclusive dating service. We look forward to you making that contact.

Professional matchmaking service

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Professional matchmaking service

Professional matchmaking service www.theonlysocialclub.co.za  is an exclusive service and catering to the singles professional market. Are you looking for a Professional matchmaking service then look no further. The Only Social Club is here to help and assist you and facilitate a match/introduction the qualifies and matches your details.

Communication and understanding whether it be in a relationship, friendship, a work colleague, mother, father, etc. etc can be very frustrating at times. It takes a lot of effort as we all have our own love language that works for us. One should experiment at times especially if you are having difficulty with communication. Try a few different things in order to determine what works. With some research there are 5 love languages and everyone responds differently.

The person may like

1.  Words of affirmation

2. Gifts

3. Acts of service

4. Quality Time

5. Physical Touch

Discover your love language first. Since you do not know the persons primary language spend sometime expressing the 5 love languages and observe how the person responds. This is not a quick fix, it does take time and effort. It will be time well invested and it will help to be more affective in communicating and expressing yourself. (more…)

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