Dating (Happiness Plan)

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Productive relationships are the key to keeping you happy. Smile and laugh – it’s good for the body. Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and get lots of exercise. A happy brain makes you happy. Give your brain enough rest by sleeping eight hours a night. Enjoy silence, it makes you relax. Meditate. A good way to meditate is to sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed, relax and try to think of nothing. Note everything you hear, nearby and far away. If thoughts drift into your head allow them gently to drift out again. This helps you to relax, improves your clarity of thoughts and allows you to feel in control with your life.


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Is it for you? It is not for everyone. But even if you are not ready to commit, the skills you learn when dating will help you to become more confident and present. Dating seems scary when you forget that you are no longer little and fragile. You will survive if someone rejects you.

A first date to be a success

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Found in the Argus/Sunday Times. Science reveals sure-fire ways to attract a lover. In order for the first date to be a success, forget about the romantic meal:

Let your body do the talking. Body language is far more important than smooth chat up lines. Adopt an open posture (no folded arms) and mirroring another’s posture will help create a feeling of affinity. Where you meet your love/object of desire is crucial because meeting a stranger when physiologically aroused increase that chance of having romantic feelings towards them, according to studies. A high rickety bridge is found to be more sexier and romantic than those who met on a stable one. Going to the funfair and going on the rollercoaster. Going to the movies and seeing a thriller. Laughter is the best medicine. Share a joke together. Humour fosters feelings of closeness between strangers. Music is really the food of love. Many people will turn to so called romantic tunes. They say rock music might be a better idea. The way through to a persons heart is through their stomack. Chocolate works well because it induces feelings of excitement and apprehension. Exercise raise levels of dopamine, another neurotransmitter. Looking into each others eyes brings a feeling of closeness and attraction, than seeing at each others hands.

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