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I am pleased that once again the Professional Dating Service The Only Social Club has had more successes and the two couples are pleased and truly grateful for the introductions to their partners. Both couples have recently got married. I have again made a difference in both couples’ lives and it gives me great joy.

Are you single and still looking? Most hate the idea of been single, and growing old and alone. Single and relationships is a topic on most people’s lips. Are you ready for a relationship? You need to open your heart and make space to connect with someone special. Be the love magnet and welcome more love in your life. They are definitely not going to knock on your door. You need to put yourself out everywhere where it resonates with your value system. Join now and have the work done for you. Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed

The service is a Professional Dating Service an exclusive service for single professionals.

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Valentine’s Day

Falling in love may be one of the greatest feelings ever. When you are with your lover there is no greater feeling in the world, and when you’re not you spend all your time thinking of each other. Falling in love is truly an awesome feeling.

Do you find that you are single and alone in this big fat concrete jungle? Are you too busy and have no time? Do you find dating very daunting? You are not alone, you are deserving and worth it.

Looking for a service that is well established and a Professional Dating South Africa | Executive Dating in South Africa catering to the single professionals. Look no further. It is a discreet service. Love is waiting for you and could be a click away. The Only Social Club with a history of success and has your best interest. Take action, The Only Social Club is here to help and assist you.

Singles Dating

Love and Sex

Many Singles Dating became irrational when they are sexually attracted to someone. How many times have we seen such people and have tried to warn them, but such warnings usually fall upon deaf ears? In order to have a wholesome relationship with the right person it would be best to wait and see who has proved his or her character. This is common sense, but too many times judgement falls by the wayside when one becomes in Trans by attraction to another. You are worth it and do not confuse love and sex. Get to know him/her first.

Falling in love with sex isn’t always falling in love. We all want to feel “in love.”many of us in all honesty are afraid of being lonely. Sexual attractions can be immediate, but love takes time, because it involves learning.

The past can’t be changed, but you can alter the way you let it. Change is possible. If you continue doing what you have been doing you are going to get what you have been getting. Want a discreet service for Singles Dating You are worth it and deserving. Love could be waiting right here for you.

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Happy New Year to you! New Year and new beginnings! I trust that with the old year now behind you, with your profession on track, your finances dancing, is your soul still smiling? Being Single. Maybe you’re not always thrilled with being single. You’re dating and hope to meet someone, someday, to settle down with. That puts you in the majority of single people. You can be happy with your single life and, at the same time, date with the hope of meeting a future life partner. It’s about being happy with different stages of your life, not putting happiness on hold until you find Mr. or Mrs. Right. If you’re dating, it’s very important to remember that one of the most attractive features in any person is happiness.

The Only Social Club is here to help and assist you to find the right perfect partner.

You are single a corporate, professional who is looking for a Discreet Dating|Exclusive Dating Service and who wants to meet their potential life partner, then fill in the application form on  By taking action you could be getting closer to your goal, meeting your life partner who may just be on our database. The Only Social Club is not an online dating service but a personalised service. Integrity and Confidentiality Guaranteed. All potential clients are screened in a face to face meeting and the necessary checks are done for them when suitable matches have been put forward. The more singles that join, the more potential dates that match your details, the more chance you have of meeting the right person. The most common thread worldwide is that we all want to love and we all want to be loved.

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We always tend to worry about the past or think about the future. We rarely focus on the present moment. Do not miss the present moment because that is where your life is. In order to access our best lives some fundamental shifts of the heart and mind need to be made. Then trust the laws of nature.

Personal responsibility, self-discovery and creating value is your purpose in the world in order to become the person you wish to become. By blaming others is excusing yourself. Stop blaming others for the current quality or situation in your life. In doing so you are playing the victim.
In order for your life to change you must change. That is where you will grow and it will lead you to your best life ever.

Don’t have the time looking for your life partner?  Let the experts a well-established matchmaking service, a Corporate Dating | South African Dating Service who does the work for you, a matchmaking service for busy professionals. The Only Social Club takes the time to learn what you’re looking for and help you find it. You never know when that first date is going to turn into that future life partner.

Professional Matchmaking Service | Singles Dating | Corporate Dating

Moving on after a BREAK UP

Looking for a Professional Matchmaking Service | Singles Dating | Corporate Dating to assist you as you are back in the singles market.

I recently read an article on exes, break ups and our behaviour around it. It reminded me of my own recent break up. The love of my life! The total high when you are in love. I had feelings of total ecstasy.

I did have thoughts though of: am I being true to myself? Have I given the best part of myself away?

To my dismay after a whirlwind of love and romance, agreements were broken, betrayal and a total breakdown in communication. I find SMS and WhatsApp a cop out and that one can interrupt messages how one chooses to read them. It is so easy to hide behind the various social media platforms.

The first two weeks after the breakup I found my thoughts, words and actions were not aligned. I thought I had bipolar. I felt a sense of loss, that emptiness, my emotions were up and down and I wanted to go back for all the wrong reasons. I was not the one that did the betrayal. My behaviour was erratic. This is normal so I hear. I have too heard that this shall pass.

I then eventually made peace with the breakup. I plucked into the resources I knew best in order to heal. With the journey I have been on I have my own tool box of tools in order to help and assist me wherever needed. I needed to go through the pain and all the emotions that I was experiencing. However painful it was I knew I will get through it. I had to look for the opportunity and how I can grow, move on from this and work on myself. I had a huge discomfort with certain feelings; the adult child behaviour came out as well as feelings of rejection and abandonment.

It is now 8 weeks since the breakup. My heart is definitely almost healed. I do love and approve of myself. I still believe in love. I am a total romantic. The path to love is that you will find your love story. The path to love is not about externals. I believe the moment you enter into a relationship or the person you are currently with is a mirror of who you are inside. When you truly find love you find yourself.


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Soulmates / Life partners

Do you have a dream picture of your ideal Soulmates/Life partner that you wish to attract/have in your life? You need to have a real clear image/picture of him/her, and the more you love yourself (because it is really a reflection of your true self)-the more power you have in creating or attracting your special mate. Your soulmate/life partner will bring you the greatest experiences of pleasure and pain, the biggest supports and challenges of your life. That is true love.

Two people start out in a relationship with masks, afraid they won’t be loved for being themselves. No matter what you have done or not done you are worthy of love. Have the courage to open your heart. Turn to a Corporate matchmaking | Well established service to help and assist you in finding your life partner.

Professional Dating | Well established service

Today is South Africa’s Heritage Day which highlights the histories of all racial groups and recognises all the men and women who have contributed to the heritage and culture of the nation. Over the past few years South Africans have been re-branding Heritage Day as “National Braai Day”. The Only Social Club a Professional Dating | Well established service wishes you a Happy Heritage Day to you all.



Today would be the ideal day to have your braai master or braai lady with and spoil you. We all love tender loving care. The Only Social Club has been in operation since 2005 for single professionals. The Only Social Club for all cultures of the nation. Your ideal partner/match is a step away; take that next step and stop procrastinating join a Professional Dating | Well established service to take care of you.

Questions you do not ask a date

1. Do I look fat?

2. What did you look like with hair?

3. How many lovers have you had?

4. How much can a partner at your law firm expect to make?

5. What is your ex like?

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5 Tips to help you better yourself

We have all done it when we have had some problem or other. We usually end up confiding in the nearest person. Do they have the experience? How is their relationship/s? Do they have the knowledge? Do they have the tools? Most of the info received could be negative input. The friend/s may feel they are doing you a good service; however they could be doing you a dis-service and may be feeding you the incorrect info or may not have your best interests. Speak to the experts when you have a problem as they are the experts and can assist and help you.

1). Do you have an eating problem? Speak to a dietician.
2). Do you have a weight problem? Speak to a personal trainer
3). Do you have an addiction/s? Call helpline or speak to a therapist.
4). Do you have financial problems? Speak to a financial advisor.
5). Do you have relationship problems? Speak to a relationship coach.

Looking for an established dating/matchmaking service? Are you still single? Are you still looking in the wrong places? Are you still attracting the same type of person? Are you still doing the same things and getting the same results? Are you the person you could date? The Only Social Club is a Professional dating service | Personalised matchmaking service catering to the professional single market who has your best interests. Make that contact with The Only Social Club and join as a member.

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